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Importance of Security Cameras
$200 dvr-01 Today, security cameras are less expensive and more flexible in their use than they were ten years ago. There are cameras that operate as self-contained units, which means that the products have all of the components necessary to view, capture and record video. Some systems even allow the images to be transmitted over the internet and viewed in real time in a remote location. There are also security camera systems that allow users to connect multiple cameras and link them to a recording device or computer.

  • Whether you have a home or business security cameras can play an important role in enhancing the level of your security as well as the peace of mind of your family or employees. Today's cameras are very sophisticated and are used in a variety of settings in modern society, including in schools and school buses, on college campuses, at traffic lights and in places of worship. However, homes and businesses are two of the main locations for security cameras.
  • Home security cameras can be very simple and easy to work with. They can quickly provide an extra layer of protection for all types of homes, including condominiums, apartments and single-family residences. Advanced technology allows security cameras to be installed on the interior as well as exterior in a short amount of time. Many parents use cameras to look in on the kids, and the nanny, when they are away at work. They can also observe the perimeter of the home or monitor traffic to and from the residence.
  • Many businesses install security cameras as a deterrent to shoplifting, theft and other crimes. For some, all that is needed is a basic security camera. There are inexpensive black and white security cameras that are more than sufficient. For example, a problem with shoplifting can be handled by a large bullet camera mounted in plain sight in the "hot" area. Or you can go with a tinted dome security camera. People won't know where the camera is focused on. Cameras can monitor cash registers or blind spots outside of doors.
  • You can purchase wired or wireless security cameras. Wireless cameras are prone to interference from other wireless products, and the image quality isn't as clear as a wired camera. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a wired setup, you will not have interference; the images are clearer; you'll have better images; you may have cables and cords appearing in conspicuous locations, and it typically costs more. 
$100 clock spycam
  • Conduct surveillance with large visible cameras or tiny security cameras. Small cameras can be fitted inside planters, alarm clocks or picture frames. Wide-angle cameras enable you to view large areas like the back yard or a loading dock. You may even decide on a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera that permits you to look at images up close. You may also need to a recording device, such as a VCR, DVR or computer.
  • Get started by measuring the area that needs to be covered. Next, determine what entries, exits or windows require monitoring with cameras. Ask yourself questions: Do you want to monitor someone, something, or an area? Some examples would be the register clerk; children in the back yard; or a detached garage. Do you need a monitoring service? Will a motion sensor work best in some areas? Does it need to be live or recorded? You must also take into account your budget, and prioritize what is most important and least important. You may have to delay getting all the cameras or motion detectors you may want.
Basic rates for typical Drop Ceiling environments:
Security Camera Installation Charges:
4-Cameras Wired or Wireless flat rate: $500.00
Each additional camera:  $150.00
8-Cameras flat rate: $800.00
Remote access installation including Smart Phones:  $150.00

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