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we havent seen a problem we werent able to fix. Our employees are trained to handle a variety of issues. Whether your hard drive is overloaded or your monitor screen is fading, we can supply you with a solution.

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List of Common Problems That We Fix

Troubleshoot Windows and Mac problems
• PC repair - onsite, home or business and remote support 
• OS Upgrades and Reinstall
• Memory and CPU Upgrades
• Back up and share existing data files **
• Formatting hard drives **
• Attempt Data restore from both good or damaged HDD **
• Devices and Peripheral Setup
• Wireless or regular networking for house or small business
• Hookup Routers and Switches
Power Issues
• No power
• Powers on but shuts down immediately
• Powers on intermittently
• Not charging battery
• System randomly shuts down
• Power jack is broken or loose
Video / POST Issues
• Powers on but no video / POST on either the external or internal monitor
• POST on external monitor but not on internal screen
• Scrambled display on the monitor
• White / Milky color displayed on the screen
• Laptop keeps restarting and would not login to the system desktop
• System crashes when install video card driver
• System POST fine but the LCD / LED panel is very dim
Miscellaneous system problems
• Audio problem, no sound or microphone is not functioning
• Keyboard, touchpad , mouse stick does not work properly
• Broken USB or Ethernet jack
• Wireless or bluetooth is not working properly
• System does not recognize drives, such as hard drive, optical drives, card reader etc
Overheating problems
• System freezes or shuts down when becomes hot.
• System randomly crashes with BSOD (blue screen of death), freezes or shuts down
• Failed BIOS or password removal
Physical damages
• We can replace broken panels, screen hinges, bottom, chassis
• All that is replaceable.
• We  can even repair minor liquid damages at some extent.
Software troubleshooting
• Removal of viruses, pop ups, adware, spyware 
• Programs not working or loading correctly
• Error messages
• Microsoft Windows 7 and 8
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Learning more for any App or Software 
• Unboxing and Installs
• Diagnose and Repair Print Quality Issues.
• Do 2K, 5K Maintenance.
• Install on Network for Printing / Scanning

• Diagnose iOS and Android issues
• Replace Screens
• Security Camera Cabling
• Also Install and wall mount flat Panel monitors and TVs of all size.
• We even troubleshoot most Flat panel TVs and do out of warranty repair at an extent

Its always wise to just ask for anything you don't find listed here...

** We are not responsible for any data loss. Customer should back up their data before service. Data backup or recovery is subject to additional service fee
Computers, parts and accessories left at our facilities for more than 90 days are considered abandoned by customer and will be disposed of at our discretion
We reserve the right to change terms and conditions without notice